Wifi smart dispenser

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Advantages of WIFI smart water dispenser

With the development of intelligent networked era, the development of intelligent water dispenser is emerging day by day, many water dispensers on the market only have the function of heating and cooling, the use of which has limitations and can't meet people's intelligent needs. Therefore, many water dispenser merchants have upgraded their water dispensers, adding WIFI connection and some new functions on the basis of the original product, which can be better managed remotely and has a wide range of application prospects.

Intelligent water dispenser as the name suggests is a water dispenser that can be intelligently controlled, easy to operate and versatile. Drinking water is needed in any place, especially offices, campuses, shopping malls and other places with high traffic, through the development of intelligent water dispenser control board, you can improve the way of drinking water, so that the user can use the assured, but also to make the backstage management of drinking water merchants more convenient.

The WIFI module connects the water dispenser to a wireless network, enabling it to be remotely controlled and monitored via the Internet. By connecting to WIFI, the water dispenser can realize the following functions:


1. Remote control: you can use an application on your cell phone or computer to control the water dispenser's on/off switch, temperature settings and other functions. No matter where you are, you can easily control the water dispenser by connecting to the same network.


2. Monitoring and Reporting: The WIFI module can send water dispenser usage and water quality data to the cloud server. You can view real-time data such as water temperature, water quality, and water consumption through a mobile app. Some water dispensers can also send alerts to remind you to change the filter cartridge or maintain the unit.


3. Automation and Intelligence: By connecting with other smart devices (such as smart home systems), water dispensers can participate in automated scenarios. For example, when you come home, the water dispenser can automatically start heating water or making cold water so that you can enjoy it at any time.


4. Safety hazard treatment: increase the function of preventing dry burning, when the user receives hot water, if the water has been used up, it can issue a water shortage warning, and at the same time automatically stop receiving water to prevent burning equipment. It can also provide real-time feedback on water usage through the flow collection function.


Overall, the addition of the WIFI module makes the water dispenser smarter, more convenient and controllable, allowing users to control it remotely from their cell phones, monitor and report on water quality in real time, as well as participate in automated scenarios. Water dispensers without the WIFI module, on the other hand, can only be operated by physical buttons and cannot enjoy these convenient and smart features

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